The new standard in moving clients to a new city.

What is a Residential Relocation Specialist™?

Residential Relocation Specialists are real estate agents with an uncommon commitment to helping clients who are relocating to a new city. Each Residential Relocation Specialist has gone through the RRS Certification process, a mixture of hands-on training and in-person learning about assisting relocating clients with their housing search.

Why is there a special certification focused on relocators?

Clients relocating from out-of-state and looking for long-term housing have unique needs and challenges compared to local clients. Let’s take a look at why relocating require a different level of service:

These challenges are compounded when considering the additional work and process involved in an international relocation.

Why become a Residential Relocation Specialist?

Becoming a Residential Relocation Specialist shows clients who are moving from out-of-state that you’re uniquely qualified to support them throughout and beyond their housing search.

In addition to getting specialized training in how to assist relocating clients with their unique housing search needs, you’ll be able to use the RRS Certification badge and logo on any of your marketing collateral; website, business card, email signature, etc.

RRS Certification is the only real estate designation focused solely on educating real estate professionals on supporting the needs and challenges of relocating clients.

How can I get RRS Certification?

RRS Certification is available as part of the Jumpshell Mentorship Program. Certification is offered in partnership with Freedom Trail Realty School, and the curriculum is taught first-hand by Jumpshell Mentors – top real estate agents in the Boston area who have demonstrated a long track-record of providing exceptional service.

As we currently only offer the RRS in Massachusetts, you must be a licensed real estate salesperson in the state of Massachusetts. If you'd like more information on becoming licensed, feel free to read this resource on how to get your Massachusetts real estate license.